Duffyfield Phoenix Project

Duffyfield Phoenix Project, Inc. is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to advocate for improvements in the physical surroundings and quality of life for residents in the historic Duffyfield neighborhood in New Bern.

Preserve Duffyfield as a tribute to African American culture and history.

Duffyfield Phoenix Project helps this historically black community by doing basic repairs to owner-occupied homes and holding town hall meetings to engage citizens and provide a safe harbor in which residents can express their views.

Future goals are to bring health clinics and educational workshops on site in the neighborhood.

A few of our objectives include working to improve the appearance of the two cemeteries, mitigating flood damage, obtain grants for infrastructure improvements, develop a program for housing subsidies for police, firemen, and teachers to live in Duffyfield.

Set up an Adopt-a-Street program in Duffyfield. Partner with local businesses.

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