About DPP

The mission of the Duffyfield Phoenix Project (DPP) is to advocate for improvements in the physical surroundings and quality of life for residents in the historic Duffyfield neighborhood of New Bern.

DPP was formed in 2017 when a group of concerned citizens saw a pressing need to support the residents of the Duffyfield Neighborhood. Since its inception, DPP has worked with residents to create a better place to live. The mission has become more critical as recent storms have left many residents displaced.

DPP helps the community by doing basic repairs to owner-occupied homes and holding town hall meetings to engage citizens and provide a safe harbor in which residents can express their views. Future goals are to bring health clinics and educational workshops on site in the neighborhood.

Duffyfield Phoenix Project has partnered with several other community agencies to provide yard care, clothing for people in need, and organize biannual neighborhood cleanups.

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