DPP Objectives

  1. Survey all existing structures to determine which require upgrade or repair. Determine if there are properties that are beyond repair that might require demolition. Determine if these property owners want/need assistance from the Phoenix Project.
  1. Repair homes where necessary, partnering with outside groups as needed.
  1. Partner with the Omega Center, Health, local banks and other agencies to offer free workshops for the Duffyfield community emphasizing personal and community improvement. This will turn into a resource center for the whole community.
  1. Set up an Adopt-a-Street program in Duffyfield. Partner with local businesses.
  1. Find ways to have Duffyfield community needs heard through talks, media, etc. Offer free information-sharing sessions to provide information about who to contact for a variety of things a New Bern citizen typically might need.
  1. Work to improve the appearance of the two cemeteries. Apply for a grant to erect a brick entrance to Evergreen. Partner with churches for cleanup and maintenance. State preservation office – grants.
  1. Obtain grants for infrastructure and housing improvements where needed in the Duffyfield area.
  1. Create a list of all areas in Duffyfield that flood. Work with city staff to find solutions that are cost effective and permanent. Monitor city – make sure Duffyfield’s voice is heard.
  1. Establish a rapport with the Redevelopment Commission so Duffyfield’s voice is heard.
  1. Partner with outside agencies like Habitat to effect positive change in housing stock and general well-being of Duffyfield residents.
  1. Improve the corridors used by funeral processions to the two cemeteries in Duffyfield. Upgrade these streets so that they are more inviting and have a safe feeling.
  1. Work with the Redevelopment Commission and City staff to create a list of streets in Duffyfield that need either repair or repaving or both. Work with city staff for repairs/repaving.
  1. Work with the city staff and the Redevelopment Commission to strengthen/enforce existing housing ordinances so people are encouraged to fix their properties.
  1. Work with city staff to improve the function of the Duffyfield Canal and make it an asset to the community.
  1. Establish transportation to grocery stores, doctors, and pharmacies. Partner with the city and county.
  1. Develop a plan for Duffyfield for vacant, buildable lots by enlarging the scope of the Duffyfield Phoenix Project to include community housing development organizations that will focus on the revitalization of Duffyfield and surrounding areas.
  1. Develop a program for housing subsidies for police, firemen, and teachers to live in Duffyfield.


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